Compassion Project Week

Compassion Project Week

This week is our Compassion Project Showcase! We invite out all our parents and community members to see the great work our students have been diving into. Our students were tasked to change a life, change the community or change the world. This week we will see their work through their presentations. Presentations are from 1:00-2:20 Monday-Friday this week.

Students will present by the group facilitators listed below

Monday, May 8
Media Center:
Bowman Group
Wilkinson Group
Brawley Group
Wheeler Group

Main Collaboration :
Branham Group
Young Group
Kevin Brooks Group

Health Room:
Tina Brooks Group
Sweet Group
Tim Burns Group

Tuesday, May 9
Main Collaboration Room:
DeAngelo Group
Scearce Group

Media Center:
Melinda Burns Group
Shue Group
Poole Group

Epps Group
Retucci Group

Wednesday, May 10
Media Center:
Hege Group
Miller Group

Health Room:
Henley Group
Mark Howell Group
Koehler Group

Main Collaboration room:
Brothers Group
Horton Group
Kepley Group

Thursday, May 11
Health room:
Hester Group
Nesbitt Group
Christine Howell Group

Media Center:
Kennington Group
McNeely Group
Nussman Group

Main Collaboration room:
Muire Group
Pittman Group
King Group

Friday, May 12
Sells Group
Powers Group

Media Center:
Doane Group
Warren Group
Brown Group
Stone Group

Main Collab:
Rabon Group
Reeder Group
Roach Group

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